Sunday, June 21, 2009

a horse is a horse of course of course and

no one can talk to a horse of course
unless that horse of course of course is

the wonderful misterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ed

well. i do talk to mine... despite his not being mr.ed...but more importantly...

I GOT TO RIDE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i can't tell you how long it has been since a saddle was on that horse. I am SO incredibly excited. We didn't do much but walk in a circle in the round pen. but OH MY GOSH. it was incredible.

now....if only i could get him to stop freaking out when the other horses leave their stalls and he's left alone.

anyone got suggestions?


Blue said...

would one of these work?!

Wolf said...

hm. no suggestions here. ours freak when they are separated, and as they are newly broke, this is a big challenge to deal with, as they always want to go everywhere together.

i'm still having trouble feeling comfortable in the saddle after my fall. especially on a newly broke horse. sugar took off on me the other day and i panicked. i have a feeling it is going to take some time for me...

Wolf said...

academic advising is the one thing i think i might go back to the university for, if i could find the job. otherwise, not sure i want to go back there. not enjoying the current climate there. not sure about a looong commute either! i'll figure it out eventually i guess!

Wolf said...

riding western. i couldn't imagine riding english. nothing to hold on to!

Wolf said...

thanks for the advice. i will continue to work on whoa with her. she does it pretty well most of the time...except when she decides she wants to speed up and get to the other horse. at which point, she goes and when i pull back and say whoa, she tosses her head and tries to fight it. she is very much of the herd mentality...does not like to be separated at all from her guys, not that i can blame her, they've been together from day one and never apart during any of that time.

i love our older horse, he is so well broke as he was a police horse, and i feel more comfortable riding him. i'm torn on what is the right thing to do with the younger ones. i'd love to learn with them, but i also don't want to get hurt or teach them something bad that is hard to unteach them. my perfect solution would be to loan them out to someone for some time that can work the heck out of them and get them more comfortable, and then take them back. but that is a very unlikely scenario.


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