Tuesday, September 22, 2009

proof that God has a sense of humor

So Today, I have had just an epic fail kind of day. Nothing major, just little annoyances of which the culmination was my microwaveable soup practically doing a back flip 2 minutes in to its heating time and exploding in the microwave in a tomatoey alphabetty tsunami.

as i sat down with my now hot but slightly less than full alphabet soup, i sighed and said to myself, "somebody thinks my life is funny today".

I spooned out a mouthful and looked down to see that my soup spelled


wish i'd had a camera. this for real happened.

3 blessings:
that i have soup
that i have a job
that i have friends


Anonymous said...

Love you! :)

carrielt said...

I was at the Cotton Wife and I read your comment about Mr. Wiggly and the Wobbles. I just about crapped myself laughing. Too funny!!!


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