Monday, October 12, 2009

I WON SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!

I <3 the pioneer woman!!!

I am so excited!!! By sharing a story of a family member who dresses in innapropriate garments, I have won...wait for it...WAIIIIIIIIIT FOR IT. A coveted copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks

I do not think that if you have not visited Pioneer Woman's blog that you can begin to understand how thrilling this is. The woman, can seriously cook. And her cookbook has STEP BY STEP PICTURES. STEP...BY STEP!

Do you know what this means to me??? This means that I will KNOW what the recipe means when it says "stir eggs til thick" (this apparently means til they are consistently yellow) and what "stiff peaks" mean when making meringue!! OHHHHH it is a culinary guide for the gourmet inside all who have less than stellar kitchen techniques and need STRUCTURE and GUIDELINES to make the meal look the way it's supposed to.

On top of that Pioneer Woman is a fabulous photographer and I am learning to properly use my camera thanks to her.

The Cotton Wife is also a fantabulous photographer and has the most beauifulest blog ever. I envy her farm life and really mostly the farm house...Ohhhh to live in a beautiful farm house... I bet it's shower wouldn't be leaking incessantly despite repeated attempts to fix it. Why do I say that? Because a farm house is my dream house and despite its age, a dream house wouldn't leak. It would know better.

If you would like to visit these women's blogs, I highly recommend. In the meantime, I'm off to count my blessings...

3 blessings:
the Pig will be visiting me in t minus 6 days
my dad is turning 72 on the 18th and is still doing fantastically 2 years post heart surgery
my aunt from England is coming to visit on the 14th!


TheCottonWife said...

Congratulations! You deserve it. Now remember - the book is coming from Ree, not from if it's late, don't yell at me m'kay? :) Hope you enjoy it!

Blue said...

I've been reading Ree's blog since she was less than a year into it. i have NO idea how i found her, but i did...back when she wasn't famous :-) i sent her a birthday gift a few years ago, and she's emailed me a few times. but i stopped commenting on her blog since she got SO huge. i can't imagine how she'd possibly read every comment people leave her. but i AM looking forward to finally meeting her IRL in 3 weeks. she's actually coming to a book store about 2 miles from my i will be there, and i will buy the book you so luckily won from TCW.

thanks for your note on me the other day. i've been traveling the past week, and only had intermittent internet access, so i just watched the CA vid clip yesterday. that was very sweet of you to think of me. you're a darling!

Have a lovely week! ♥

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you won!!!!!

Like Blue I too started reading Ree when she was only getting 200 entries for a contest. Now I read the blog but never comment or enter contests anymore. Kinda sad. Enjoy your cookbook and know I am SUPER jealous! lol


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