Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ass hat

definition of an AssHat: n. student who yells at me after class in front of 15 other students because, I the instructor (noun) went by the clock on the computer and on the wall in the classroom to start class at 10:30 and then counted him as late at 10:37 when HIS CELL PHONE told him it was 10:35 when he walked into the room.

My response: "D--- I understand that you disagree with the time, but I have always gone by the computer clock and the classroom clock and to my knowledge that is what time it is. Class starts at 1030 and the 5 minute grace period is designed for students who get lost on this large campus in their first quarter and it had expired by the time you came in."

My inner monologue: "how the hell am i supposed to know what time it is on your cell phone and why the hell do you think i should go by IT instead of the classroom clock? Everyone else was here on time oh and BY THE WAY you are a 2nd quarter freshman and this is the SECOND TIME YOU HAVE TAKEN INTRODUCTORY SURVEY SO STOP EFFING YELLING AT ME ASSHAT!!!!"


Donn24g said...

HAHAH his picture wouldnt definitely be in the dictionary next to the word;-)

Wolf said...

that is my favorite kind of student, duh.


gotta love the ones who can't take any responsibility...

Lump said...

ahahaha hey I went to school with some of those kids! ;)


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