Monday, February 16, 2009


= very dangerous piece of kitchen equipment.

no stitches required, but my typing might be worse than usual.

good news! Have found a location to board the horse!!!!! Now i just have to make all the arrangements, get his vaccines updated and all that jazz. I am not looking forward to trying to get him in a trailer...he hates them. I am not looking forward to separating him and the little minaiture horse he's lived with for the last 10 years. He neighs when they're in different fields...I'm kind of afraid he'll go into mourning w/o him. Hopefully being with 10 other horses will be okay...but, i'm a little nervous. :-( I'm looking to move him in May. So that will be an exciting month!!!

3 things:
making my husband happy by agreeing to do his 'boy stuff' on Valentines day
my parents coming up for lunch yesterday.


Van said...

I've lost a finger tip or two on that same gadget! I open my kitchen drawer see that weapon and slam it fast --- heebie jeeebies...

Lump said...

ohmygoodness so glad you're ok. i think this is one of the reason why i stay out of the kitchen. haha!


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