Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hello All

I am loving this warmer weather...thought it brings with it the reminder of just how much work P and I have to do outside this year. Let me share with you our to-do-list for Spring/Summer.

1. Get trim of house repainted. Should we do this ourselves....probably, but neither of us are very keen on balancing ladder and paint bucket on our bumpy lawn.
2. Fix bumpy lawn.
3. Power Wash House and Deck
4. Paint garage door and mailbox
5. repaint deck
6. carpet upstairs
7. cut out flower beds in back yard and clean up flower beds around deck
8. plant flowers in said beds
9. plant remaining flowers in front of house.
10. buy flower pots for my birthday present in which i will plant vegetables
11. plant birthday vegetables

I'm pretty sure there are some more things in there, but I can't quite remember them all. I will be SO SO excited to work on them though.

We made the first steps on tuesday, we went out to Lowes and bought a reel lawn mower. Yes, you know, the old fashioned kind that run on your sweat and not on gasoline? I think it goes nicely with our hybrid car and fits much much better in our garage than the big honking one that we broke last year. We also bought more paving stones for our fire pit circle and set that up. As soon as they settle into the ground and the grass grows, I think it will be a super fun location for us to sit and relax in the evenings! I am going to take some before, during and after shots of our backyard so that you all can see what I'm putting my poor husband through :-) mwahhahahahaah.

What are all of you planning for the warm weather?

3 Things:
That my computer training session was cancelled today!!!!
That my dad's cataract surgery went well this week
That my mom is officially retiring this summer

and a bonus:

my sister actually got an A on her math quiz....*cross your fingers folks...she needs a C- in the class to pass.* The Ominous gene pool is historically awful at math.


Donn24g said...

You're post definitely made me excited for spring and summer! I cant wait to hangout in the backyard with my new husband. Good luck with your planting, and what vegetables are you going to grow in your 'birthday pots'?

btw, LOVE the new layout!! I wish i knew how to change mine!!

Lump said...

hmmm i'm glad i don't own a house. yet. ;)

Wolf said...

ahh we are getting started on all our spring/summer projects too and we have a lot. i feel like it never ends.

been out in the gardens most of the week and working on outside projects, so it's been busy. i love it, but i also feel like i'll never have everything done!

Jen said...

It's so warm here and I am LOVING IT! :) Spring is my favorite time of the year. I love some flip flops and skirts and tanks! HAHA

I do have pics from the wedding but all would have to be scanned in, my photog was not "digital" back then! LOL!

And, I just saw that you sent me a question about the frame and how the pic is held on, etc....I'll take a picture this weekend of a frame with a picture in it so you can see and email it to you. Sorry I just saw that.

Hope you have a great weekend :) You can come do some flower beds for me when you get done at your house! All my efforts last year perished over the winter. ;)

Blue said...

i'm going to post my to-do list too. thanks for the inspiration. i just did the first of the outdoor work today. there's a LOT more where that came from.

it was a gorgeous 1st day of spring today...but it's going to drop precipitously and maybe snow again next week. one step forward, two steps back.


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