Monday, May 4, 2009

backyard updates

Well, we spent the whole weekend power washing the house which was oh-so-very-much-fun. I'm tired and my thumb hurts from holding the trigger! Thus, I shall just put up some simple picture posts....If you would like to refresh in your mind what the backyard looked like before... please visit HERE. I'd say we're ALMOST at the halfway point in this new post...So much More to do. *SIGH*

3 Blessings:
The smell of marigolds and tomato plants instantly takes me back to being about 4 years old.
My amazing husband who goes up onto the roof to power wash parts of the house that no one would even notice.
That so far the swine flu in the US seems to be...not so scary.


Wolf said...

aww! looks good! we finally got our fence up around the veggie garden, so hopefully soon, we will get that done.

b was trying to power wash the tractor the other day and it went kaboom. something else we have to replace.

wish we could use would cost a fortune to use it in all our flower beds!

Cammie said...

Popping by from SITS to say HELLO!! I have power washer envy.....

Cher said...

You're yard look so good! I would die for a backyard (or just a yard of my own) right now! ...all in time, right?! Anyway, way to looks great! Stopping by from SITS to do with SITS girls do best....comment!


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