Sunday, April 26, 2009

sometimes sunday is the best day of the week

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous. P's mom came down and though she may not be my favorite person in the world, this weekend was still fun. I think I ate more this weekend than in the last week. Let's run through the culinary experience real quick.
Friday night we stopped by an art exhibit in Bexley where the daughter of a friend of P's family was having an exhibit. She is an AMAZING artist. She's P's age, 28 , and is infinitely better at art than I will ever be at anything. One of her drawings brought tears to my eyes because it reminded me so much of one of my own experiences. She has been selected to exhibit her art at the National Portrait Gallery in London for a full year...The drawing I liked sold for 1760. I am envious of those with talent. *sigh* While at the exhibit I was peer pressured by the wine porter to drink 2 free glasses of icy cold pinot grigio. Yum.

We took the MIL to Schmidt's Sausage Haus down in German Village after the exhibit.
This is an historic site in Columbus and German Village is exceptionally beautiful. It has cobblestone roads and ancient houses that sell for, and I kid you not, 799,000 dollars. We waited for probably 45 minutes to get a seat and when we finally did it was RIGHT next to the German band.

It was loud but SO funny. I will admit that the hilarity of it may have been influenced by this.
Don't judge me. My mother in law was staying with us for the whole weekend!!!
Saturday we slept in as much as we were able with the gorgeous sun shining into the bedroom. We got up and waited for MIL to finish getting ready and then took her to a diner in PickTown for brunch. I had what was probably the largest omelette known to mankind. It was "healthy" though! It had tons of veggies in it! Post gargantuan breakfast we drove out to Nurk so P could work his baseball game. I helped the student worker keep score while P entertained his mom a little bit and then I watched the game and got gloriously tan/burned. It was loooovely. They lost, but sometimes sitting outside watching people have fun is the most fun ever.

After the loss, we drove MIL around Buckeye Lake and showed her some of the gorgeous but uber expensive homes that P wants to one day live in and then went to Papa Boos for dinner and relaxation by the water.

While there we saw



I get excited by the little giant CARP!

After dinner we went to another historic site called Weldon's for ice cream.

P's mom left this morning and I spent the entire day outside. I got the rest of the flowers and veggies that I'm able to plant right now, came home and planted them. Then, I scrubbed down the back deck and put back our patio furniture. I shall post some pictures of the "halfway point" of our backyard construction later this week.
I have to was The.Best.Day.Ever. I absolutely LOVE the sunshine and warmth. I feel like I have been fully dosed with Vitamin D and happiness :-)

3 blessings:
sunny days


Blue said...

hi ann!
i just saw the comment you left on doctormomma. i didn't know you read her too! it's a small world after all. (i've been reading her blog for a few years now. she's the one who got me off my duff and moving. ♥ her for that!)

and i ♥ you for your 3 things at the end of every post. i started writing three things in a journal every night before bed. inspired entirely by you. thanks!

Wolf said...

sun! i miss it! dang rain!

you are further then me in the veggie garden department. i wanted to plant before may got here...and not there yet. we still have to get the garden fenced off so the chickens don't eat the seeds. maybe by the end of next week if the weather cooperates...i'm crossing my fingers...

but at least b tilled the garden this week. ha.


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