Friday, April 3, 2009


It's going to snow again. I am so very very over gross weather. I am tired of being inside. I want out. I am hoping that tomorrow will be nice enough that we can go outside after P comes back from golfing with his buddy from work. P did spend part of tonight and yesterday mowing the grass for the first time with our new hippie lawn mower. It's pretty doesn't cut quite as cleanly as the old gas powered one, but it's nice to know we're not killing the environment, relying on foreign oil and saving room in our garage at the same time ;-) I'll let you guess which one of those three things I'm most excited about.

I worked today til 3 and then took off early to drive to Dayton to meet with my horse's vet and update his vaccines and draw blood for the Coggins test. The people who bought my parents house are nice....but it's true what they say, you can't ever go home again because it won't be the same. The yard's a mess and they have unfinished projects all over the barn yard. They are first time horse owners and I'm trying very tactfully to show them how to do some make sure the halter's not on so tight that it's rubbing the poor thing's face. They need to get their daughter in some riding lessons this summer and she'll learn how to do things properly...but geez. It hurts my heart to see the things that I used to take care of so well be so...haphazard.

Next step with the horse is to see if the old family friend will still help me move him up here....and then, the heartbreaking process of separating Colors from his little friends until he gets used to the new horses at the new stable. I will probably cry. It's going to be awful. Somebody tell me that I'm anthropomorphosizing (totallys pelled that wrong) human feelings into the horse and that he'll miss his friends but it's not going to break his heart???

***subject change before i cry***

Today at work was fun, we did a presentation for a large group and it was fun to see everyone's personalities come out in the way they present their pieces. We work well together and complement eachother well, I think. The rest of the day I chit chatted with my boss and told her that I'd like an additional assignment if she has any floating around...most of the other people in the office have something "else" that they do besides advise, so they have more to work on than just their allocated students. My 'appointment' doesn't come with any other projects, so I would like to either create one or be given one now that I feel like I know what the heck I'm doing. I may pick up more presentations this summer since I really do love public speaking. I may also help revamp survey class, though, I'm not sure that I'm really the most qualified to do this as I think I'm a TERRIBLE teacher. We shall see. She seemed positive about giving me more to do so that's good.

I also chatted with one of the other advisors about being at that age when you realize "oh some point I'm going to be the one that has to make big decisions for my parents" and questioning my ability to "be a real grown up." Sometimes I feel like I'm just 'playing' being an adult. I know P feels the same way sometimes though he wouldn't really make a big deal out of it like I do. I over react. Totally. Over.React. I get a thought in my head and let it spiral until it's this huge worst case scenario that there's no solution for and is all doom and destruction. It was really nice to hear from the other girl that I'm not a total nutcase and that she feels the same way sometimes.

Well, this was a random post and now that it's 11:00 and I do not have to get up in the morning, I am going to go upstairs and crack the windows to let a little cold air in, snuggle under my comforter and read Sherlock Holmes. I am toasty full of the delicious dinner my amazing wonderful parents brought me when they surprised me by meeting me at the horse barn, and a cadbury's hot chocolate with the new vanilla caramel swirl marshmallows on top. My husband just kissed the top of my head and I'm not alone in my neurosis and anxiety. I got to see my horse, my parents and I love my job. I'm pretty sure that that makes for a perfect day :-)

3 things:

Getting my horse to columbus is getting nearer and nearer
Classic Literature that makes me read slowly and absorb what I'm reading
I really do have the best parents in the entire world


Wolf said...

i know it isn't saturday, but the place i post it on was already, oh well!

kroger is running a special this week (in columbus area too!) where you buy any 4 quaker products (2 for $5), you get 5 half gallons for free. there are several online coupons for the quaker true delights and also for life cereal. and there have been a few coupons in inserts in the past few weeks as well. i was lucky to have 4 $1 off coupons, and 1 $1 off milk coupon.

but anyway, that is how i got the free milk. we don't normally drink 2.5 gallons that quickly, but, i couldn't pass it up. and now we are getting our calcium. haha.

Donn24g said...

awww this was such a warm and fuzzy post. Hope you got to enjoy the great weather saturday, and the PERFECT 70 degree weatg=her sunday afternoon. I cant believe that was just yesterday sunny and warm comparing it to this morning. yuck. But summer is still coming.....

Wolf said...

i cannot believe it is supposed to snow tomorrow. sigh.


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