Wednesday, April 1, 2009

before before

One of the amazing girls at work (She of the new link on the side of my page Blood Sweat and Beers...)told me that my realtor might still have the pictures from our house's listing back when we bought it. I emailed them, and sure enough they did!

Take a look...this is what Casa d'Ominous looked like before I got my paint brush and went color happy all over the walls...

This is now the office upstairs...eventually it might turn into a nursery again, but let's not get hasty. The basement was also this color....only worse because they didn't fully cover any of the walls so it was patchy and weird.
This is the guest bedroom. Those blue squares were painted on and they left the tape on the wall. Have I shown you what this room looks like now? My sister decorated it as she's the only one who really stays there and it's turquoise and black.
The backyard...asyou can see...nothing has really been done.
Living room...The living room had these giant window coverings. The wooden box kind with big heavy drapes. Does anyone know what they're actually called?
Master bedroom.
Front yard. This is where the bulk of our changes have come in...that tree is no logner there, neither are the bushes, the flowerbed was extended and shaped about 5 feet and we now have roses, a lilac tree and azaleas...I'm planning on planting more there when it gets a bit warmer.

This is the after....or the in progress.. can you see this link?

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Donn24g said...

I love it when you post pictures of your house (and your husband, and wedding), Ha i guess I love all the pictures your post!! I Wish i could get on facebook at work to see the pictures, but your house is SO adorable!! I love, love, LOOOVE it!!! Thanks for sharing!


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