Monday, January 25, 2010

great movie lines that apply to my life

"i am disinclined to acquiesce to your request"

i feel that my students say this to me whenever they read an email from me requesting them to do something. today, i sent an important email out to 54 of my students requesting them to contact me. just for fun, i added a 'read receipt' so that i could track who actually read my email. So far, 7 have read it...0 have responded.

“Oh, but anyway, Toto, we're home! Home! And this is my room - and you're all here! And I'm not gonna leave here ever, ever again because I love you all! - And oh, Auntie Em, there's no place like home.”

i am a homebody. i love my family to no end and wherever my husband and my family are...that's home. and rarely do i ever want to leave it :-)

“In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.”
I'm one of the rarer people in the world who believe that humanity as a whole...despite it's bad apples, has more good people in it than bad. I think people are misguided...but at their very core, they are inherently good. I think that is evidenced by the kindness that comes when you least expect it...when beauty blooms out of horror. Take this story for instance...

"We all go a little mad sometimes... Haven't you?

Let's be honest...who hasn't wondered if they could benefit from counseling at some point in their lives? whether it's anxiety, depression or just needing someone to bounce ideas off of...i think counseling is not something that should be looked down upon. i also really firmly believe that everyone has to fall apart at some point, to put themselves back together stronger and better than before. recognizing that you may be a little 'crazy' at times isn't a sign of weakness...but a sign of strength that you can say 'yea, you know what...i can be vulnerable, i can need help, i can't fix this on my own.'


I believe that everyone regardless of who they are, what they believe needs, deserves, has to have a "safe space". Whether that means that i put my personal beliefs on hold, to make myself approachable to a student or a friend in crisis so that i can be that safe space for them...or that when my husband holds me, i feel like nothing in the world can hurt me... sanctuary is vital.

“I guarantee that we’ll have tough times. And I guarantee that at some point, one or both of us will want to get out. But I also guarantee that if I don’t ask you to be mine, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life. Because I know in my heart you are the only one for me.”

why does this apply to my life? well,because i really believe that marriage is forever. i'm not one of those people who thinks that people who have successful marriages are 100% in love with eachother all the time...but they LOVE eachother, and they stick it out through the hard times. a friend of mine had a great quote at her wedding that said "love is not an island, love is the ebbs and flows...but marriage, marriage is the island, the committment to be together through the ebb and the flow and make a firm solid life together is constant." I believe this because my parents have been married for 36 years...and i know, one hundred percent, that they haven't always liked eachother very much. but, they are committed to eachother, bound to eachothers hearts... and that to me speaks volumes about what love really means.

and lastly...on that note about love...
You know, that moment when you kiss someone and everything around you becomes hazy. And the only thing in focus is you and that person. And you realize that that person is the only person that you're supposed to kiss for the rest of your life. And for one moment you get this gift. And you want to laugh and you want to cry because you feel so lucky that you found it and so scared that it will go away all at the same time.

he's not goin anywhere...but i sure am lucky :-)

oh! he got me are my attempts so far.


Amy said...

This is an amazing blog entry!!! I love all that you have written!!

Alissa said...

This is a fun idea with the movie quotes. I might have to copy it at some point. Have fun playing with Photoshop.

Anonymous said...

Great to have you back and great post!!! I'm sure you had a blast!

Donn24g said...

Great post, i love the quotes!! Very cute idea, i love reading about how much you love your husband. YOu seem like such a happy couple. i LOOVED your photoshop pics, you need to post more.

And an update to your SUPER old post to where you spend your new years! Did i miss it?

Look forward to your next post:)


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