Thursday, February 25, 2010

wow. i'm a bad blogger.

it's been a while! i just haven't really had a whole lot to say i guess. nothing has really been going on. plus, it's winter, and i kind of become a hermit in winter. i really dislike how cold it is so i get anti social and apparently that extends to blogging. however, for your viewing pleasure i am fiiiiiiiiiiiinally posting some rose bowl pics! So in no particular order becasue I think Blogger is stupid how you have to move things around....

This I believe is in Santa Monica on New Years Eve. We were walking and watching the sun set.

I am clearly spatially challenged as I point the wrong direction at the sign :-)

I took this myself. I think I look a little frightening but we were just goofing off in between races at one of the coolest places on earth.


so we went to this hotdog place that has been on Food Network. I will spare you the pictures of our food. It was.....awesome, but so bad for you. You might gain weight just looking at the pictures.

I made him pose in front of the ferris wheel on Santa Monica Pier

This was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

THIS is drunky mcdrunkerson. She was easily in her 40s, as was her blood alcohol. She climbed over the back of my seat, pushed me, climbed back over to her seat and passed out for the 2nd quarter, halftime and part of the third. Her boyfriend called me Babe and tried to steal my nachos. They are why people dont like ohio state fans.


The rose bowl float!

P and I spent a day in Orange County visiting his little sister. It was really pretty and the weather was gorgeous. I on the other hand had a touch of the stomach bug. It was NOT an alcohol induced stomach bug, it was the glorious stabbing pain in the stomach please god let there be a bathroom near by stomach bug. this is why there are no pictures of me in Orange County :-) I was a pretty princess.


Donn24g said...

what a fantastic posts-- and some AWESOME pics!!! Post again soon, i love it when you update:)

Wolf said...

i haven't heard too much else yet, except that i believe his wife was flying over, so i imagine once she gets here more will be decided. as there are so many people in athens that cared for him, i am sure they will plan something, it may take a while though. i talked to tina online yesterday and it has been a devastating blow for many of the ghanians, they all loved him, as did so many others.

b thought the same thing you did. as shocking as his death was, he is probably in heaven happy as a clam. it is of course, always the people left behind that have the hardest time adjusting...

carrielt said...

I was hoping you'd share pictures from your trip. At least it was warm there. When TNT and I went to Florida it was so cold. They had a record low of 36 degrees in Orlando.

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

I just got back from my vacation in Cali, We went to New Port beach and Dana point. I cant wait to go back!


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