Saturday, March 6, 2010

who are you?

so for most of my life i've classified people into different "groups". I think that it's pretty much part of human nature to do so. Sure, most of the time, when you think of "groups" you think of the negative sterotypes that everyone categorizes others with. For a PG example, think "jock" "cheerleader" "band dweeb".

These are not the groups of which I speak today. I have always put people into these types...I wonder where you would place yourself? I've got about 10 different groups that I categorize people in at any given time. Here are the first 5 for your thinking pleasure.


This is the group that I put myself in. We are the people who...notice things. We're frequently first to notice when two people are flirting.We pick up on the little things like eye rolls and sighs that the impatient person doesnt think anyone notices. We tend to be a little more withdrawn from the rest of the group because we prefer to watch than to do. We are frequently introverts by choice. We hear things, we see things, when you think that you're hiding them. We pick up on the little cues that are around us and make decisions based on them. We don't rely a lot on our gut instinct, we pay attention to what's going on and anticipate how our action will be received. We eavesdrop, not going to lie. It's not intentionally being's just..that you're talking and you're sitting in the booth behind me and quite honestly, I have a hard time tuning you out because you're so...noticeable. People sometimes feel like they're under a microscope around us which is bad, but then at the same time, we catch the moments when you're struggling a lot sooner than others might.

The Jellyfishers:

These are my least favorite people in the world. I got the term from one of the Bridget Jones books... There you are swimming along and you think everything's fine and all of a sudden you're stung and searching for someone to pee on your leg. Jellyfishers are the people who seem friendly and nice but really they're just waiting until you least expect it to sting you with a potentially venomous bite. They are ugly and spineless and I find them revolting.

The Room Lighters:

Oh the room lighters. They are the people that other people want to be around. They are light and beautiful and attract others without even trying. I don't mean like, attract like 'damn baby you're hot'. I mean...people just want so much to have these people like them because they are so gosh darn fun. They are open and approachable and when you're at a party you can tell who they are because they are the ones that everyone else is smiling around. They make other people happier just by being there. I try to have room lighters in my life because no matter how dark your day is, when a room lighter walks into it...there's an invariable lightening.

The Perfect:

I am in awe of these people. They are the people who everything just seems to come naturally for. Everything is easy. They are impeccably dressed at walmart prices. They can articulate every thought without ever sounding like a babbling moron. They can be the perfect hostess and yet still chill with their friends and drink a natty light. They even have the audacity to have perfect eyebrows that don't need waxed or tweezed. (sometimes ;-) ) When you see their houses, they're perfectly decorated, never dirty and usually have white carpet. They don't sweat when they work out, they glisten. They're cool, confident and can eat spaghetti sauce in a white sweater without spilling a drop. How? How do you do it??? I don't get it.

The Comforters aka the Fixers:

The comforters are just nice people. They want to fix and to make it all better. I love these people but only in small doses because this is the category I like to put myself in 2nd after "watcher" and I think that when a comforter gets comforted it can be awkward because the comforter usually doesn't like to appear vulnerable. They can be a little frustrating because they want so badly for you to feel better that sometimes they stop listening and just try to fix the problem.

The Bulldozers:

Bulldozers are the doers. They just go go go all the time and break down any barrier in their way. Sometimes they can run over you because they're so worried about getting what they're thinking about accomplished. You want to be around these people when you want something done. Especially if you aren't happy with something. The bulldozers have no fear of throwing their weight around to get a better result. UNLIKE me who would rather avoid frustrating the waitress than sending back her boneless wings if they have the wrong flavor of sauce on them. I've seen Waiting one too many times, don't judge me. When a bulldozer is also a jellyfisher...that's when you REALLY gotta watch out.

3 things:

the sun has made a triumphant return
big lots! great deals on garden supplies!
waking up this morning and knowing spring is almost here before i even opened my eyes.


Amy said...

Love this post. But hmmmm....trying to determine who I am!! :-) Great reflection!!! Hope you enjoyed your time with your horses.

carrielt said...

Great post! I'm with you as I'm also a watcher. I notice little things all the time. While my husband the Bulldozer pays no attention. lol I use to be friends with a room lighter. But it got to the point that I was the friend to her and she wasn't too me. I would rather stay home and watch TV on a Saturday night then have to go out with her.

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

I know someone who fits in every category here. I however am a hard core watcher. I have this talent of spotting drama mammas and trouble makers within the first 5 minutes.
Clever post. Visiting From SITS

Blue said...

I have no idea where i fall. are there any other secret categories that you're not telling about? or maybe i'm just blind to who i am...maybe i'm a jellyfish but don't KNOW it. do jellyfishes know they're jellyfishes? they are, after all, transparent. i definitely am NOT a watcher. or a perfect. (my carpet is SO unbearably horrid! but i'd have to hire professionals to move my grand piano out to get new carpet, and then reasemble it when it's done, and that's just more money than i have to spare). upon closer reflection, i'm probably one of those "take her in small doses" comforter/fixer types. even if i try to not be overbearing.

my word verification for this comment: talkwood. is there hidden meaning in that? (WV is kind of like a fortune cookie...never know what you're going to get!)


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