Friday, April 23, 2010

more labels

I am clearly a slow 10 groups that i put people in kind of stopped at 5. I promised 10 and thus here are a few more....

The Empaths---the empaths are fairly similar to the comforters/fixers. The difference is that the Empaths don't try to fix your feelings...they just understand them. it's very comforting to know an empath because you can fumble through your words and verbal vomit all over them and they know exactly what you're really feeling. they listen for what you mean, not what you say. they also call you out...because they can see through your self righteous anger and get at the insecurity you really feel because they have felt it too.

The chronically unhappy- CUPS (chronically unhappy people) think that it's everyone else but really it's them. it doesn't matter what situation they find themselves in , or who they are friends with, they'll always be unhappy. the saddest thing about CUPS is that they wont ever realize that they have control of the situation. They can change their outlook, they can be more positive....they just are so externally focused they can't even begin to imagine that their unhappiness might come from within.

The smarties-- smarties are fun. I like the smarties. They're a little quirky, they just kind of live on a slightly different level than the rest of the 'normal' folk. They understand things and things come easily for them. Math is no problem, They get science, and they're a little dreamy. I like to be friends with smarties. The way they think fascinates me.

and that's all ya get for a friday night ;-) cut me some slack, my husband is cute, it's friday night and there's a fire pit outside with my name on it.


getting to see my sister this weekend
that life worked out for my husband's job this week--nothin huge, just a policy disagreement with someone he supervises
my friend from elementary school...i'm glad we re-found eachother.

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carrielt said...

The CUPS! hahahaha! There is a guy who works with me and I've quit asking how he is cause he complains about everything. I'm sure if he won $2 million in the lottery he'd complain that it wasn't $4 million. :)


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