Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hello, my name is Ann and I'm a buckeye-holic.

It's now 5 minutes into the 3rd quarter....and it's getting worse. How depressing.

This is the extent of my obsession...and the reason for the frantic posting from 10 minutes ago. My husband and I are "that" couple. You know, the cheesy ones that incorporate their favorite football team into their wedding? The ones that everyone shakes their heads over and goes "oh my.....well, they ARE unique." Yep. That's us. Check it out.

In no particular order....

my aunt made our cakes.

We changed into jerseys for the reception.
Please note, he did not actually smash the cake into my face. :-) good boy.

Our colors were indeed scarlet and grey.

The grooms cake was the stadium.

We had pictures taken at the stadium after the wedding. The handsome and studly boys.

and the girls... weren't my bridesmaids gorgeous? The one on the left is P's sister. Then there's Chuck, the one who married the guy in the LA national guard, then Llama...she's the amazing one who just had her heart broken, and then my sister, The Pig. You can see why I call her Pig. She's such a fatty ;-)
That nickname actually came about because on occasion she snorts.


Blue said...

How fun to see photos of you finally! Love them! You're super hot!

I'm not really into sports, but my alma mater apparently kicked some bASS against UCLA today. As did my DH's med school against state.

Good day for utah ball clubs. Sorry about your deer-in-headlights QB.

Wolf said...

i love those photos! i hadn't seen many from your wedding before. they are beautiful. :)


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