Monday, September 8, 2008


i hate allergies.
i hate ragweed.
i hate ohio in september.

my left ear keeps cracking, my nose wont stop running, my throat wont stop itching, claritin d is not doing anything other than make me a space cadet.



i am a cranky crabpot.

my beloved jake delhomme had an awesome touchdown sunday. my college team.....i'm about to disown them. next week is going to stink.

will post more snotty to post now.


3 things:

1: garden is dug and no longer looks like the sahara desert
2: lots of football
3: kleenex.


Wolf said...

you should try alavert. it works wonders for me...better then claritin ever did. i get the kind you put under your tongue and it desingrates...but i hear you about the allergies...

Blue said...

ditto (what wolf said).

but it's terrific that you're still finding three things even when'snot easy to ;-)


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