Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the great great outdoors

I have returned from the wilderness! it wasn't really THAT WILD. There were hot showers and potties within 30 feet of my tent and there was only 1 thunderstorm. I had SO much fun with P and the beautifulness that is Lake Codorus Pennsylvania.

The weekend started out well. We had dinner with MojoMom and her husband and son on Friday. We brought the chicken breast and they made pasta salad and grilled corn. Blue's salsa was a hit as well. It was oh so tasty. We followed up the dinner with a trip to Rita's for Gelatis. I had Mango/Blueberry with vanilla. YUM.

It was a good evening and MojoKid didn't puke at all! yaaay! Perhaps he's getting over his reflux problem. Now...if he would start crawling the Mojos would be super happy! I would be too, because then I wouldn't have to keep repeating to MojoMom that "everything will be okay!!!!" I'm still struggling with telling others to have faith that things will turn out allright when I definitely am a worrier.

Saturday the P and I got up super early and loaded the car and drove to Annapolis for a wedding. It was nice to see my friend and be a part of her special day. There were some definite things that made the wedding memorable. It was tropical/nautical themed so the groomsmen al had on khakis and navy blue blazers with top siders and Stav's dad had on a seersucker suit with a pink button down. He had a giant cigar through the whole reception and looked a little like a young Hugh Hefner since all the bridesmaids flirted and danced with him the whole evening! It was funny. Stav's mom and dad danced all night and were so clearly in love 30+ years was just super cute. I love Love.

One guest, I'm not sure whose side she was on, wore a dress that COULD HAVE BEEN a wedding dress. It was tea-length, white lace. I was a little surprised that whoever this girl was would have chosen a dress that nearly matched the brides gown, to wear to the wedding. It was a little uncomfortable because people were staring at her. She did have on great shoes though!

P was completely uncomfortable at the wedding. This was irritating. I understand that he knew no one and I myself hadn't seen Stav for a few years. But dear GOD MAN. You would have thought that I was asking him to give an extemporaneous speech on foreign policy and domestic trade for how uncomfortable he was. He hardly spoke through the whole evening. The next morning he apologized for being such a "stick in the mud." Still drives me nuts that he can be charming and social at HIS events...even when he doesnt know anyone (like work related events) but if it's something that is "MINE" he can't figure out how to put himself at ease and talk to strangers. His rationale is that if it's for his job, he HAS to do it... so he does. My feeling is...shouldn't you make the same effort at your wife's social functions that you do at your work?? I dont know...perhaps I'm rambling. I am not asking him to be the life of the party by any means...I wouldn't want that because I love that he's an introvert like I am...but my dear sweet baby jesus lyin in a gets a LITTLE aggravating when I am like "oh and this is my husband P....." and then I worry that they think he's mute or socially backward.

I think it's something that will get better as he 'matures.' I remember when I was younger, I had a really hard time in certain social settings...still do...but at least now I've learned to make an effort to fake being at ease! I just wish he wouldn't make excuses for it... like "I'm just shy. It's hard for me." SO???IT'S HARD FOR ME TOO!!! SUCK IT UP AND WALK IT OFF! patience...patience...patience.

What's really frustrating me about teh whole thing is that P is SUCH a great guy...i want my friends to be able to see how intelligent and sweet and amazing he is. How're they supposed to do that if he won't freakin interact????

gah. men.

I keep having to remind myself that he's never really HAD to put himself in awkard situations like weddings or public-schmoozefests before so this is all new to him. I do wonder how one can be 28 years old and have been able to completley avoid all settings like that for the better part of your life.

Anyway, things got much better when we went camping on Sunday. It was a gorgeous day and we hiked for over 5 miles, then grilled hot dogs and s'mores over the campfire. Monday morning we grilled bacon and toast and then it poured down rain and thundered for an hour. Post-thunder, we rented a pontoon boat and went fishing. After 4 hours, I had caught NOTHING and neither had P but we had a blast and in the last hour we each caught 3 sunfish. Mine were bigger ;-) I also think I snagged the Loch Ness Monster or a relative....I caught something so huge that I couldn't reel it in and my line snapped and went away, hook, sinker and float!

Monday night was a TERRIBLE night for was windy and tree branches were falling all over and whatever was blown in the wind started me off on a gigantic allergic sneezing fit. Claritin didnt even phase it. I was a swollen snotty mess. Ahhhh nature, how I love thee.

Tuesday morning we drove home and then I went to pick the dog up...P was supposed to go to a meeting at work at 5:15...but I kind of drove of with his keys. Luckily his boss was forgiving!!!!

All in all, it was a really good time. It was really nice to be alone with P with no real responsibilities for a couple of days. I miss living in Athens where he and I could easily go hike in the evening out at Hocking Hills and the surrounding area. Downside of moving back to a big city...nature activities take planning.

Well, my least favorite student is about to come I best go prep.

Hope you're all well :-)

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Blue said...

Your P sounds like my guy. To a T. (and his name is "B") If he's like mine, it does get a little better with time, but he'll never relish my events the way I am able to enjoy his. He's introverted, but super nice, smart and wonderful. I want people to get that about him too. But it's so much easier for him to be in a small gathering...just a few couples. Big events are not the place. So I often just go alone. Reunions, weddings...he avoids them like the plague. Luckily I'm fine by myself. :-)

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