Friday, August 15, 2008


MY PARENTS ARE CLOSING ON THEIR HOUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There is a light at the end of the tunnel of dark frustration with my mother!!!! *happy dance*!!!!

This whole ordeal has been ridiculous. you would have thought that they were negotiating peace for the Middle East and not just giving up 9 acres to move to 1 acre w/pool. lessons learned, lessons learned.

I am having lunch with MojoMom today, I'm excited to get out of the office for a little while. It's such a pretty day out and I'm definitely in Friday mode. MojoMom and I have been friends for a really long time. We "divorced" for a while in college due to irreconcilable issues. It's funny how at the time, we were not mature enough to reconcile our problems, but now post-grad, we are able to pick up right where we left off so long ago. It's not an easy friendship ever, but we challenge eachother to grow every day so it's a good one. We've started having lunch a couple times a month since her job is relatively close to my job. It gives us both a little break and lets us catch up since with her crazy schedule, we don't have time to do it in the evenings alot. Want OUTSIDE NOW!!!!

I have my windows open in the office today, the tree outside is already starting to fade in color. I think it's my first sign that fall is approaching. I read in someone's blog the other day about how they hate fall, because it's the signal of the 'dying'. They didn't like how there's little sun and night reaches in earlier and earlier. Personally, I love it. I do wish that there were more daylight hours and I feel for all of those with Seasonal Affective Disorder. But for me, Fall is the best season. It's the start of a new school year where all my students come in fresh and excited and heady with anticipation of what's yet to come. I especially love the first year students. Can you remember how excited you were for summer to close and fall to begin? Oh my gosh...for me, it was like waiting for the biggest concert of a life time, the best ride in the park, it was GREAT. It was that moment where you KNOW with everything in your being that you're about to witness something truly amazing, but you don't know what it will be or how to even prepare for what you're going to experience. I get reminders of that feeling every September when my newbies come in. They are a little pensive about what's yet to come, but overall..they are SO excited. I wish I could bottle the enthusiasm they have at the beginning of the year and hand it back to them in March when it's rainy and gross and they hate their roommates and their profs. For me, Spring is the wet season, the winding down season, the oh my god why can't it just be summer so i can lay outside and relax and recharge my batteries season.

Fall also means the return of the best sport in the world COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it. I don't care what team is on, though I do love MY team, I will watch any college game. Until you've been in a stadium filled with 110,000 other screaming crazies, high fiving drunken alums and hugging random don't know what FUN is!! My beautiful Jake Delhomme and the Carolina Panthers were on TV last night!! I don't often get to watch them, and I was so tired I only made it through about half the game because of the rain delay. It was still fun to watch though, Jake's not really cute in a conventional way, I just love him because he gets SO excited. His passion for what he's doing comes out when he completes a good pass or wins a close game. It's so fun to watch. I can't imagine that he'd be a good poker player, you can read every emotion on his face. P and I are going to a high school scrimmage tonight because P's hometown (birthplace of high school football *hint as to where we live*) is playing a team in our area. It's a weird random chance that it's happening, so we're going to go and see what P's HS's new coach is like and see how many other fans of this HS actually show up. It should be a good time.
Blue whose blog I've lurked at for quite some time because she's an amazing writer and has been to cool places and has great taste in many things, has a recipe for salsa that I cannot wait to try. If only we didn't have to spend Saturday at the parents...I think I would be salsa-ing it up all weekend. Mmmmmmmmm tasty.

I need some lime tortilla chips. And a diet coke.

yum. hungry.

3 Things:

1) I'm grateful that my husband is making me go to the gym tonight after HS football. We didn't go yesterday and I ate curly fries. They were SO good but...the jeans are a bit tight today.
2) For the thunderstorm last night, I was really starting to get worried about our grass.
3) For the bank that accepted the people who're buying my parents' house and gave them a have no idea how much I'm thankful for them. If they had lost the deal on the house they're moving into...I think I would have had to get them Prozac.

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Blue said...

Tonight I have the choice of actually watching some of the olympics, or catching up on blogs and reading the book I'm wrapped up in right now. Needlesstosay, I'm sitting at the table, with the laptop propping my book open.

It's a shame, really, my inability to delay gratification on this matter. Here we are, chillin' with the extended fam, and they have satelite tv. Between us there are 12 kids and 6 adults in the house. The guys are camped in front of the monster set watching The Games, the moms and gramma are playing a card game with some of the girls, and I'm being entertained by my niece...who I'll post about soon because she's so pricelessly precious. She's coloring and keeps asking me "should I do yellow or green?" etc, and I pick the next color. Too cute. But pretty soon, I'll escape into the world of Elizabeth & Darcy again. Just discovered that some authors have carried the torch and continued the story past the wedding where Jane left off. I'm in heaven.

Back at home we have a little set in the basement with rabbit ears on top. We pretty much never watch tv...except Nature and Nova on PBS (one of the 3 channels that comes through) Doc isn't into sports, and neither are my kids. So it's just not part of our lives. But I like olympic gymnastics and ice skating.

Hurrah on the house sale and purchase. It's such a trick these days for that to actually happen without hangups that it's got to be a HUGE relief.

I also think it's tremendously admirable how you've worked through things with your family. And I love your optimism. So refreshing on the net!

Have a happy weekend! ♥

PS: that salsa is a great addition to any family get-together. You'll be astounded at how fast it vanishes, and what kind of praise will be heaped upon you. Children will be named for you. Wills to be rewritten. Lines of succession will be altered. It was rumored to have been the agent used to broker the Geneva Peace Accord. It's how GWB managed to get re-elected (though that's not routinely mentioned as a plus...supplied here merely as an example of the power of The Salsa). It's that good. ♥

PPS: Fall is my favorite season too...insofar as nature is concerned. It became thus when we lived in Vermont. Dazzlingly breathtaking! If only we had the carefree freedom and flexibility of summer during the fall...that would be magnificent! ♥

PPPS: I'm done now. No, really. ♥ ♥ ♥ (see, three hearts;. That means I really am finished)


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