Friday, August 22, 2008

man was i a snarkpants!

i feel better.
much much better.

i have not been sleeping well for the last few days and yesterday and the day before i was just SNARKY. ridiculously snarky. yesterday was particularly bad because the night before, P was apparently chasing squirrels in his sleep. yes, P, my husband. not sonneigh the dog. I was up half the night because P was literally flailing and kicking ALL NIGHT!

So yesterday, we were supposed to go to the gym...but didn't. We took Sonneigh to the dog park and then got pizza. It was possibly the best pizza in the world. Their sauce, I'm sure, is canned but it was OH so good. Crispy crust, green pepper, onion and pepperoni. Ohhhhh it was heaven. I am sure I've gained 5 pounds since yesterday...but this might be one time that it was entirely worth it.

I was having some serious allergies after the dog park, so I took some night time allergy meds after dinner and I had the most amazing night of sleep. I'm sure that I had my tongue hanging out, snoring and drooling all night, but it was quite possibly THE BEST night of sleep in the history of sleepage. I'm a delicate pretty princess aren't I?

More good news on the good news front. So, the vet program at the college that I work at has this program through their vet clinic where they take dog and cat blood donors. That's right, dogs and cats need blood transfusions just like people do when they have surgery or have something wrong with them. Apparently, there is a real shortage of doggy-blood in my state so they advertised in the faculty/staff newsletter that they were accepting donors. This tugged at my heart a little bit, so I called to find out what the requirements for eligibility were and found that Sonneigh met all of them to come in and be screened.

Last month, we took him in for a "day at doggy daycare" and they took some blood and put it through all the tests to see if he could be a universal blood donor. That's right, dogs have positive/negative/universal blood too. Yesterday the lady from the blood bank called me and said Sonneigh can donate! I was super excited because it's a totally safe and comfortable procedure for the dog, he gets played with all day and he can help save countless numbers of doggy lives! THEN she told me about the benefits! My dog will now get, free food,free flea and tick meds, free heartworm pills and free vaccines, for as long as he donates in this program.

OH MY GOSH. I just wanted to do a good deed and save doggy lives....this is awesome!

This will probably be my last post for almost a week, I'm going camping this weekend and part of next week. Wish me luck! It's the first time I've ever been!

3 things:

1: there are great people in the world who try to make life better for animals
2: it's friday and i get 4 whole days off
3: that no one on here has criticized my lack of capital letters and horrific grammar. i'm actually a good writer with a good grasp of English grammar...but this is my 'stream of conciousness...' and i think in run on sentences and w/o caps!


Imperfect said...

Ann Ominous

Great idea! I forget that there are so many fantastic universities around here. Thanks for the help!

Blue said...

wow. that's fabulous! i'm a non-pet mom. we've had the random fish or 3, and doggie/kittysat at times for people in need. but with my life as a flight attendant, it just hardly works to have a plant around, to say nothing of a pet. it's hard enough to cover the child care most months. can't imagine having to pay for or find someone to care for a dog or cat. so webkins and stuffed animals are my kids surrogate pets.

i haven't gone camping in a long time. if you're going for more than one night the cost/benefit ratio is better. it just takes so much effort to get everything gathered together, get to the camp, set it up, cook, clean, make a fire, get your uncomfortable night's sleep (i've always just tent camped) etc., that if you just have to reverse the process in the morning it hardly seems worth it. but if you are sleeping between squirmy kids who may or may not make it through the night without needing a potty break, good luck!

but camping for a few days, without kids, if you have comfy sleeping pads and bags...could be a recipe for relaxation and rejuvenation. i hope you have a blast!

Wolf Lover said...

camping is one of my most favorite things in the world...

i actually camped while traveling cross-country for a month and would do it again in a heartbeat.

i would like to say that i did, in fact, look at the ice cream while in the grocery store today. 1.5 quarts! AH! that was crazy! i must say that my lovely ice cream is actually over a gallon, which i thought was a gallon, but i was pissed at Edy's when i saw that. i may love me some Edy's ice cream, but not if they are going to rip me off!


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