Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the simpsons...

Back when I was in grad school, I had a full quarter of classes and helped to run a 500 first-year-student residence hall. Down-time was scarce. I loved my students and my staff...but alone time was truly hard to come by. I found myself eschewing dinner w/the staff and with friends and would run through the dining hall's express version and taking it back to my apartment (in the res hall) and eating dinner while watching The Simpsons. 5 o'clock-6 o'clock became sanctuary. Before that time, I had never really enjoyed the Simpsons. I mean, if you do the math, the Simpsons had been in existance for about 10 years before I found them. That hour long block of animated nonesense was the most wonderful, relaxing, amazing hour in my entire day. I was ALONE. It was QUIET. Just me and my little friends from Springfield. Sometimes P would join me for dinner...but usually he had class.

Tonight, I was reminded of that hour of alone time because P has to work late and I'm eating my nachos and salsa alone for dinner. I'm in front of the TV, computer in hand, Simpsons locked on the TV. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Bliss. Nothing's changed. It's still lovely and quiet with noone else around. The subtle commentary on the follies of human nature still make me laugh...and the observations are still true.

For example: Bart Gets an Elephant

"Well, animals are like people, Mrs. Simpson. Some of them act badly because they've had a hard life, or have been mistreated...but, like people, some of them are just jerks. "

It's true. Some people....are just jerks. Keep that in mind friends when you're looking for answers as to why someone's behavior hurts you or frustrates you. It can be as simple as...some people are jerks. It's nothing you did. There's no reason for you to feel bad. They're just....mean.

My dog is sitting on his little bed by the window...he's making little whimpering noises. Don't worry, he's okay. He just knows that usually P is home by now and he wonders where he is. How's that for unconditional love and devotion? Sonneigh will sit in that same space and he'll wait until he sees P's car coming up the street. He'll then get up, wag his tail madly and run to the kitchen door as soon as the garage door goes up.

I kid you not. When P still had his jeep, the dog would be able to tell when he was coming home as soon as he got within a mile of the house. It's kind of scary. The sad thing is that Sonneigh is MY DOG! I got him when P and I were living in different cities. I do understand the appeal, P's pretty cute. I hope that's not why the dog fawns over him though :-P

I have to present at our last orientation tomorrow. Wish me luck!

3 Things:

1) soft serve ice cream
2) jeni's splendid ice cream
3) whoever invented ice cream


Blue said...

i♥ice cream. so much. it's dangerous for me to buy any that i like, because i've honestly eaten the whole 1/2 gallon, and then had to go out and replace it in my shame, hoping that no one noticed and just thought it was the original 1/2 gallon. (don't check the trash!!!)

please don't tell my husband that. i'm so embarrassed!

have you noticed that a lot of them aren't actually half gallons any more? In a shifty yet subtle move, they've started redesigning the cartons so they look almost the same, but they're several oz smaller than in the past. but the price is the same. sneaky bumsputters the lot of them.

i've also never seen a single episode of the simpsons. i know...i'm a freak.

Heather said...

oh, the simpsons. :) they were actually one of my destressers for a very long time...before the farm and other life took over. :)

the devotion of a dog is probably one of the best things in the world. i see it every day with ours and it never ceases to amaze me. ours know b's truck as well and they run up the drive to see him.

i'm going to have to look in to this ice cream bit. we've been buying a lot more to cut back on the amount we spend out (we made trips to dq pretty much every other day), and that surprises me! i'm going to go check the gallon we have in the freezer and see if it is actually a gallon!

Blue said...

oh yes, Heather. You just take a gander down the ice cream aisle and you'll see what I'm talking about. I've heard that there are some milk cartons that are being redesigned to look like a gallon, but which in fact are slightly less than a gallon. Yoplait did the same thing a few years ago. All for the same reason.

ann ominous, I laughed out loud at your comment on my blog this morning. Thanks for the giggle! ♥


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