Wednesday, October 15, 2008


*thunk thunk thunk*

yes. that's the sound of my head hitting the desk.

my BESTEST friend, Llama has had a REALLY rough year. She's the one that was dating a guy who lived in England. They got engaged in December and then in June he decided that he wasn't going to be able to keep his promises and move to the US (for 5 years til she finished grad school and got her career started) like he said he would the whole time they were together.. (yeah. long story. lots of bitterness and if anyone wants to go to England to yell at him with me, let's get tickets tomorrow.)

SO they tried to work things out until probably the middle of September. Then he decided it just wasn't going to work and broke things off completely.

Llama has gone on a date since then (yay!) but she somehow feels that she is completely awkward and destined to be alone forever.

Let me give you the run down on this girl.

She's brilliant, she's in her last year of grad school as a physical therapist.

She's the nicest person I know.

She is HILARIOUS and can hang with any guy and talk sports, quote Monty Python and still be a girly girl all at the same time.

Oh, and did I mention she is 5'8, 120 pounds and drop dead gorgeous?



i dont CARE that she joined Match. I think Match is great for people. I do care that she joined Match because she's convinced that she might never meet anyone who will like her!

I understand she's busy and that Match is easy....but come ON just look at yourself and see how beautiful you are!!!!! *thunk thunk thunk*

okay. i got it off my chest. i'm better now. promise.

One of the girls in this pics is Llama, One is MojoMom and one is Chuck and one is me. I wouldn't be friends with them if they weren't wonderful. Do ANY of them look like they would be alone for ever?????


Wolf said...

isn't it funny how we can look at someone and see so much and they can't see it at all. i feel that way all the time about K. she dates the bad guys. ALL the time. the ones that are so opposite from her and partake in the bad things in life...and are so not right for the wonderful, caring and intelligent person that she is. i want to smack her. especially since it seems she can't learn from her mistakes. everyone else can see that the people she chooses aren't good for her, but her. it's frustrating to say the least. but so much of it comes from not feeling like she is good enough. i want so badly to change it...

Blue said...

don't be too hard on her! sometimes there are hidden wounds that take a while to overcome. after all, it was a long time going from beliving what was said about me (that i was the ugliest girl in the world and completely worthless), to developing a shred of self esteem. i don't know why some wounds cut the way they do, but they can be tricky and frustrating. she's lucky to have you as a friend, and i'm sure that in the end, she'll meet someone who appreciates her for the wonderful person she is. and then she'll be glad this bloke didn't work out!

Donn24g said...

awww what a good friend you are! I know how you feel, as a friend, and it is frusterating. But people as wonderful never end up alone, and when she does she be saying thank you because you believed in her all along.

Jen said...

Grrr. I have a friend like that too! I completely understand :)

Girl you have some pretty curly hair! My hair is VERY curly but thanks to a $100 CHI straightening iron, this stuff is straight, but take some work! :) Heh! Mine never EVER looked as good as yours.

Thanks for the comments this morning!

Julie said...

I read your comment on Kristen's blog and I wanted to come and tell you how much I loved it.

Thanks for sharing your heart and perspective. I wholeheartedly agree wit you.

PS. All of those women in the picture are beautiful!


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