Monday, October 6, 2008


great weekend this weekend. had soooo much fun with the Pig.

however, am seriously lacking sleep and this Monday is NOT GOING QUICCCCCCCKLY.

i did however re-read one of my favorite children's books this weekend. Enid Blyton's the Enchanted Wood. Blyton wrote over 800 titles, mostly children's adventures. She has been criticized for various things, overly simplistic writing, gender bias, race bias etc. in some of her books...but if you look at the time period in which she was writing, i think that becomes fairly self explainatory. anyway...i loved her stories when i was growing up and it's been really fun to re-read them as an adult.

this is a list of some of her recurring characters in the Faraway Tree give you an idea of the creativity and fun :-) (taken from wikipedia)

The first house the reader encounters is that of the Angry Pixie. It is a house with a tiny window. You might feel curious to look inside, but you dare not unless you want a bucket of ink or water thrown at you.
The owl, who lives in the home after the Angry Pixie's and before Silky's, is a normal nocturnal owl. He is a friend of Silky's.
The next house belongs to Silky, the fairy. It has a small yellow colored door, a tiny knocker with a shiny bell. She is called Silky because of her long, silky, golden hair.
You can always hear Mr.Whatzisname snoring all the time, he sounds like an aeroplane.
The next eccentric neighbour is Dame Washalot. She spends her time washing her clothes and throwing the dirty wash water down the tree.
The last house,which is round, belongs to Moonface. There is a slippery-slip in his house, a slide which runs down to the bottom of the tree. You will always have to slide down on a cushion; you don't want to get your clothes worn out.
The Saucepan Man lives with Mr. Watzisname. He is tied down with all his saucepans and kettles. Sometimes, he cannot understand what his friends are saying because of all the noise from the pans tied to his body.
The Saucepan Man's mother lives with Dame Washalot. She runs a cake shop.
The main characters are Jo, Bessie and Fanny. Fanny is the youngest, Bessie is the elder and Jo is their big brother. They live near the Enchanted Wood and are friends of the residents of the Faraway Tree.

anyway...what was your favorite children's book? My 2nd favorite is Beatrix Potter. I love her paintings as well.

3 things:

my beautiful husband
my simply gorgeous sister
my parents


Wolf said...

haha, i know what the RAs think of staff loved him. i'm not worried though. :)

i used to not be able to keep fish alive either...that's why these guys are so amazing to me. can't believe they are still going!

my monday was long too. these kids are cute, but i'm not a fan of running around after them cleaning. would be ok if i just watched them with no cleaning or sniffing or coughing or dirty diapers...

Blue said...

Madeleine L'Engle was the magic of my late elementary years. I got transported away from my garage into other worlds with her magic. I especially loved A Ring Of Endless Light, which is why I became enchanted with dolphins and had such an amazing time at this place.

I loved this one book called A Room For Cathy when I was about ten. I reread it over and over.

I dont' remember the name of it, but there was this one beautiful picture book at my elementary school library that I would repeatedly search out. it was about a girl who got a doll that looked just like her and they even had matching clothes. It just seemed so magical to me to have something like that!

It's impossible to list all the books I love. I would read all day every day in the summers as a kid (about 10 a day), and then as a teen I read longer books. Ender's Game was my all-time-favorite for about 10 years. It introduced the scifi genre to me and blew me out of the water.

There are just so many books, so little time!


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