Friday, October 3, 2008

helllllo lovely

all i have to say is that my sister's coming to visit me this weekend and she and i are going to a soccer game. for this reason and this reason only....

oh yes my friends. i am going to go watch beckham play soccer.

my sister and i are pretty convinced that he will see us in the crowd and come over to say hi.

yeah. that's right. we're going to go ogle the pretty man.

dont judge me.

i can be married and ogle.

hopefully he wont talk as his voice is disappointingly high and squeaky.

1 comment:

Donn24g said...

LOL, the one of the sole purposes I watch most sports in general. Like the Olypmic Swimming... You think i care about swimming? But Michael Phelps makes it more than worth my time. (even if he does have bad teeth).

And P.s. Thanks for your comment- I bought the 40" Samsung 1080p. It was on sale at BestBuy-- definitely a great buy!


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