Monday, October 6, 2008


Do you ever just really wish you could go back to somewhere that you've been before? I don't mean in the metaphorical sense like you wish you could change time or right a wrong. I mean very physically, all of a sudden you just really long to be somewhere specific. I love to be here again. Raw, cold, peaceful...beautiful.

this is where i go when i picture my happy place!


Wolf said...

I love that picture of you in your beanie. :) Where is this beautiful place?

Blue said...

Hello Ann,
Where is that place?! You tease!

I've been home from flying for a few days, just catching up on life and busy with obligations. Haven't written much the past few days, but I've tried to at least read, saving posts for commenting on later. Like your books from childhood post...I've been thinking all day about my favs. Defining "childhood" is the trick.

Donn24g said...

That place is beautiful! Where is it? I think my place would be a beach (also) but i would be hot from the sun and not in a coat:)

I am still thinking of my fav childhood book. It;s a tougher than I thought!


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