Thursday, October 9, 2008

"sick" day

so....maybe i'm not sick. but i was so so tired. and P was home.

so. I stayed home from work today.

It was a wonderful day, we had so much fun and got soooo much accomplished.

Here's the list:

Took the Prius to get its oil changed
Went to Waffle House for eggs and waffle
Got prescriptions filled at Walgreens
Went to the garden place and bought
a burgundy mum
a giant blue ceramic flower pot
a dwarf lilac bush/tree thing that will be delivered on 10/18 to make
my front garden complete for the season.
P mowed the grass
I planted my burgundy mum in my giant flower pot
I split out some of the giant grass bush from the back yard and seperated the split into 3 new little plants and planted them on the side of the house to hide the utility thingy.
went to the gym
went to on our annual pumpkin getting trip
got 4 pumpkins
got 1 spaghetti squash for dinner tomorrow
got one jar of apple butter
played football in the park near Pigeon Roost Farm
Came home and grilled Hot Dogs for dinner. Yes. we were very healthy today.
Watched Thursday Night football.

3 things:

apple butter
sales at the garden center

:-) What a fantastic day.


Wolf said...

aww. i want pumpkins! and spaghetti squash is fun! i haven't had it in forever though.

i won't tell that you were sick. am wishing myself that i could call in sick tomorrow and spend the day with b. i hate working on his days off...

Blue said...

what a perfect day!
so much more productive than mine. i wish i had a gardener...cause my place needs some major cutification! isn't there some show someone could enter me into some reality tv show where they come and fix all the problem areas and cutify the yard? (not that the need for cutification ends when you come inside)
glad you had a nice day.


Donn24g said...

WOw that does sound like an AWESOME day!!! I picked up a spaghetti squash last time i picked up my pumpkins, how do you usually make it? (i admit i've never made it before)


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