Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the great ice storm of 2009 and how I spent the day

So, today was awesome. Yes we were pretty much Iced into the house despite one short trip to the Gym, but it was so much fun to be home with the Husband and the dog.

Let's begin with the beginning shall we? I got up at 530 a.m. to check the email, found that campus was closed and broke the news to the hubster that we were going to be off all day. I then went back to sleep until 930!! SO AWESOME. We got up, I ate nutella on toast as a special treat for the day, drank a coffee and hung out for a bit. We then went to the gym, it was EMPTY except for a couple die hard lifters. Post workout, I showered and began my favorite tradition of the snow days. I cooked. I cooked alllll day. I made Southwest cornbread from a mix (you just add beer). Then, I made homeade Chicken Black Bean Chili
Clearly I'm not showing all the steps...but here are my chicken chunks and shallots and onions and garlic sauteed and simmering in chili powder.

Here's the secret ingredient.

And here is the DELICIOUS end result.

I made a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting too...I wont post pictures of that, it's too fattening and gross :-)

Whilst I was cooking my little heart out, my super wonderful P chipped off the driveway. Yes, I do mean chipped off...not shoveled. He said it was like 3 inches of snow, 2 inches of ice and then another 3 inches of snow all packed down under a crust of ice.

After cooking, we ate, and now P is waiting impatiently for me to take the dog on a walk. Tomorrow, I plan on posting some pictures of the house. I always get intimidated when I do this because while I absolutely adore and am really proud of our first house...there are SOOOO many more people out there in blogland who are amazingly talented and coordinated!!!

Here are just a couple more pics of the ice storm til tomorrow!


Wolf said...

i didn't end up going out! i wrote my blog last night before i went to bed...and when i woke up i was like uh...and then our power was out for 13 hours! so i didn't go to the store. it was a nightmare today and i hope tomorrow is better!

(but at least you got a day off!)

Lump said...

I totally want some chili now!! sounds soooo good.


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