Thursday, January 29, 2009

welcome to the ominous house!

Welcome to the Ominous House!! This is the best picture of the front of our house that I currently have, we decorated the outside for MojoKid's first birthday. Would you like to come in for the tour?
As you come in our itty bitty entryway, you can hang your coat on P's awful old coat rack that I hide behind the door. Hopefully, you'll just notice the pictures of our honeymoon that we have hanging on the wall beside the door.

After you finish looking at those pictures, you can see my favorite thing in the whole main level....our wedding photo frame. I got the frame at Target when we first moved in and put a bunch of the proofs from our wedding in it. I love it and lay on the couch and stare at it frequently.

If you'd like to have a seat you can sit on the worst decision I ever made...The white couch from Sofa Express. A) the stain protector they said they put on doesn't work AT ALL B) we have a dog we can't keep off the couch. C) sofa express in columbus went out of business D) the back rest cushions are only filled with that cotton batting type stuff and not real pillows or foam. They suck. If anyone has ANY suggestions, I would love you forever. I can't even really put a slip cover over it because the cushions are ridiculous. The pink blanket isn't usually's just cold.

Our little fireplace and our map of places we've been. On it you can see my 2nd favorite thing in the living room...the little horses that P got me for Valentines day one year.

Our Kitchen adjoins the living's a small house. This is our kitchen table which was our 1 yr anniversary present to eachother...we got it on a trip to North Carolina at a British Antique store and had it shipped back to the OH-IO.

Table top...and P's Squirt salt shakers that he loves.

This is my little art project that I stole from Imperfect. I framed a bunch of my grandmothers old handwritten recipes. I don't really like how the 2 are haning on the wall, but I don't have enough room to put them all on a shelf. Suggestions?

This is the part I actually really like, and a little closer look at the recipes.

My bakers rack that I'll eventually replace with something that matches the table...for now though, it's what you gotta kinda watch your hip on as you walk into the kitchen. I get more bruises by not paying attention to it! You can also see the coupon book that I made after Imperfect inspired me yet once again! I don't know how to be cool and link to her entries :-(

Last thing I want to show you before we head upstairs tomorrow are my cool antique candy jars. If you're like me, most of the time you can't find canisters for flour,sugar,coffee AND Brown sugar and powdered sugar and self rising flour. Staples of the cooking world....anyway, I think that antique candy jars make GREAT substitutes! They are airtight and DEFINITELY hold a 5 pound bag with plenty of room for a scoop! Plus, the labels are just super cute. any suggestions for my couch or for my collage??? I got nothin.


Wolf said...

i love your house. you are so much further along then we are. i'd be scared to post pictures of our place yet...

suzi said...

I love the idea of framing old recipe cards. My grandmother always had tons of recipes and that's such a great way to treasure them. Thanks for that idea--hope you dont mind me stealing it! :)

Donn24g said...

wow what a great little decorator you are!! Want to come to my place, now? YOu did a great job with all the colors on the walls, te perfectly frammed pictures/ and picture collages, and and cute little organizational ideas. Your house looks AMAZING!!! I can only imagine how cute the upstairs is... cant wait to see it!!!

Lump said...

oooh I LOVE IT!! You did such an awesome job decorating too! way cute.

Jen said...

Oh my gosh, what a cute house!
I love that huge frame with the wedding pictures, it is very nice.

Wolf said...

we've only tried the sweet and sour wanchai ferry dinner...and we like it. i'm not sure about the other kinds they have because the other kinds are the typical types of chinese food we eat...

ecb = extra care buck. they are like cvs money, and you spend them as you would cash in cvs. makes it very easy to get things for free.

we are doing well. glad the weather is getting better. the ground just needs to hurry up and dry up so we don't have muddy feet running in to the house anymore...


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