Monday, January 26, 2009

too lazy to finish typing the word Lazzzzzzzzz.....

I haven't posted in ages and I feel guilty. So, I am copying a note that I posted on the good old Facebook acct. I got tagged to do it the other day, and thought it would make an interesting Blog Post as without further ado, 26 random facts about myself.

[Instructions: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 26 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 26 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.]
1. This is my first real facebook note ever...I just watched the first episode of this season's LOST and I'm too in awe to go to bed.
2. I used to wish that I would get swept up into a mystery like getting stranded on an island, or being part of some secret espionage or having to save the world. Now, I don't wish that those things would happen to me...I just obsessively watch them on tv.
3. I have 2 facebook accounts because I didn't realize that you could change networks when I moved to Athens. Now I have different friends on both accounts and am afraid that if I ask one set to move to the other acct, they wont.
4. I used to cry when my parents sold our van or our washing machine died. I felt sorry for them.
5. I genuinely love British food and really like heinz baked beans on toast.
6. If I could have any job in the world i would be either a wedding photographer or a home decorator. I wouldn't want to go to school to do these things though. I just want to be talented enough to have people come ask me to do it.
7. I also used to cry when it was my birthday because I was afraid of getting to double digits. I turned 10 in England and sobbed for hours.
8. Once when I was little, I went through a phase where I pretended I was a cat. I got into a really bad habit of saying "meow" after every sentence.
9. My family has a history of anxiety, I didn't know this until I started having anxiety attacks after moving from Athens and buying a house.
10. I discovered that a lot of my anxiety was a result of wanting to control everything in my life. and hating my job. I have since quit that job, gotten one I love and stopped trying to control everything that happens. I've also stopped worrying about being able to control things. anxiety is gone. (most of the time)
11. My 5th anniversary with my husband will be 11-11-11. 12. I re-read books to the point where I can "play them" in my head like a movie. I can often tell you what side of the page a paragraph is on.
13. My first name is Leigh. My parents didn't like how Danielle Leigh sounded (Danielley) and couldn't decide whether to call me Leigh or Danielle so they left the decision up to the color of my hair when I was born. Had I been born a blonde, I would have been called Leigh. I was born in the make your own decision about whether my parents did any drugs.
14. I had been to Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Wales and Mexico as well as 14 trips to England before I turned 22. However, I hadn't seen a real mountain until my honeymoon when I was 28.
15. My sister is 10 years younger than me, but is my absolute best friend and sometimes my role model.
16. I am usually nervous around other women because I'm afraid they will judge me and find me not as good as they are.
17. I used to really want to be sophisticated and elitest. I wanted a job where I would work in designer suits every day and then go to the theatre in the evenings. In grad school I did a 180 because I finally realized that I was truly happiest working with students and drinking beer in pubs or sports bars. I still like the theatre though :-)
18. I don't believe in love at first sight, but I believe that Fate/God arranged for me and my husband to meet
19. My dog is practically a person.
20. I went to 1 school dance in junior high and high school. I did not go to any prom. I thought the boy who asked me was joking.
21.One of the Columbine gunmen went to my elementary school and was a year behind me. I truly believe that if his family had stayed in Beavercreek, it would have been my high school on tv. It makes me regret how judgemental I was back then.
22. I have very vivid and very realisitic dreams that often are so real I can smell in n them.
23. I am Christian and have very deep feelings about my religion, but I get very frustrated by people who try to 'convert' others or make you feel like you're not good enough. I also believe in prayer, but believe that God is very hands off because he gave us free will. I don't believe that he will tell you which decision is the right one, but I believe that if you make the wrong choice, I believe that one of the greatest gifts he gave us was that he will be with us while we struggle with the decision. This is why faith and hope are two of the things that I will always hang on to. 24. I think that my husband is the best thing to happen to me in the world. He's the only person that can calm me down when I'm anxious, make me laugh when I'm sad, and be my strength when I allow myself to be vulnerable.
25.I hope to one day go to Iceland, Greenland and the Galapagos Islands.
26. I often feel like I'm not particularly good at anything. I tend to think that I'm just kind of the average girl. BUT, even on my worst, lowest self esteem day, I am completely confident that my one great strength is to help others find their own strengths and talents. I will tell you exactly how great I think you are, and I can convince you that I am right.


Donn24g said...

Aww i learned so much about you!! My sister and cousin tagged me to do this, too, and I learned some interesting tid bits. I cant do it on facebook -- i dont know how-- but I'll do it on here too. Dont mind if i copy you:)

Lump said...

oooh what a fun post!! if wedding photography paid well, I am so with you...I think I could do that for the rest of my life :)


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