Monday, January 5, 2009

new look on the blog

A couple of you have said that my blog background is pretty and I wanted to say "thanks!" I got it from the Little Window Shoppe whose link is on the right underneath SITS. They have a couple freebies.

The picture is from Buckeye Lake which is just east of where P and I live. There's a little bar called Papa Boos where the boats pull up and you can chill and drink crappy beer and eat wings while the sun sets. It's our summer go-to spot for when we just want to relax and don't want to get dressed up. It's fun, we play 'count the mullets' while we're there. Millersport, OH is a funny little town :-)

Buckeye Lake is really cool though, it's got a lot of history. Back in the day it was an amusement park of sorts and you could take a train in to the lake and go to hotels and the amusement park and restaurants. On the sad side of history the KKK would have summer conferences there! The amusement park, and hopefully the KKK are no longer there but the lake is and so is Cranberry Bog which is the only one of its kind in Ohio. It's a floating bog and it's the home to some carniverous plants and very rare orchids. It used to be much bigger but the alkalinity of the water is kind of eroding it. You can take tours of the bog a couple times a year if you sign up through the nature preserve's website. It's really interesting if you like nature :-)

Other cool things at the lake are the Wolfe Family Island...the Wolfes pretty much own all of Columbus, and then you can also see where Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy's used to spend his summers. He had an island house as well :-) It's gorgeous and someday when I'm a multi-millionare (ahhahahaha) i might buy it :-).

Anyway...just wanted to post a quick note about where I got the background. Have a beautiful week!

3 things:
the fiesta bowl is on tonight EVEN THOUGH my buckeyes probably will lose.
the weather outside is fairly beautiful for the first week in january
my little sister who i got to spend all weekend with.

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Jen said...

I like the new look! I am going to go check her out :) I am due for a new blog look since christmas is over.

AND, that place you described sounds like a place we use to have here on our Reservoir. They tore it down and we miss it.


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