Sunday, January 18, 2009

num num num num

mmmmmmmmm potroast.

So it's a beautiful long weekend in Columbus. We have had a lot of fun actually being social for a change. We went out with P's friend from high school and his wife. I'll call them The Hasselhoffs. G. Hasselhoff and H. Hasselhoff just bought a house so we met them at a restaurant up near their home and then went over to see the new digs. Ladies, H.Hasselhoff has in her bedroom a walk in closet that is probably the size of most people's guest bedrooms. It's not a huge house...but they have this amazing walk in closet of which I am completely envious.
The restaurant we went to was was kind of chilly and it was a microbrewery which although I know they are trendy, I just can't get into. I don't really like microbrewery beers. I prefer my generic Killians, Bass and Guiness and Coors Light. Micro brew beers always taste sour to me. I dont know why...might just be in my head.

Saturday we slept in and then went to the gym. I rode the bike for an hour and felt quite happy with myself. We also drove out to Millersport where Buckeye Lake is to see the high school. P has decided that he's going to volunteer coach with the football team out there because it's "kind of" on the way home from work and they have so few people that they were really excited to have some free help. I have mixed feelings about this endeavor. I will be sad to have him occupied in the evenings after work and have to devote 10 of my friday nights to football...BUT, he is SOOOO excited and I really do like football and it will be really fun to see my cute husband coaching highschoolers and being a mentor. I just wonder how many people I can sucker into going and watching with me. We did a little grocery shopping and stopped at the bread company and got a loaf of Cinnamon Chip and a loaf of Honey Wheat. MMMM freshbaked bread!
After all that we came home and sat around for a little bit, but then we kind of decided that it was high time that we get some of our pictures into frames and hang them. I mean, we've lived here for a year and haven't hung anything other than stuff we've gotten as gifts. No personal pics, except our wedding collage. We decided to go to Hobby Lobby to see if they had any good deals on frames. OH MY GOSH DID THEY EVER!!!! I am now in love with the Hobby Lobby. We got two great frames that go with our bedroom decor for two pictures that we bought when we were living in Athens. They were taken by a local artist of a couple of the places that we used to go. We got a set of coasters that go with our living room. We got a little side table to go by our accent chair. We got 2 jersey frames for P's autographed Jerseys. We got ALL OF THAT for $250!!!!!! I know that seems like a TON but if you think that to get the 2 jerseys professionally framed would have cost me nearly that amount by themselves, that is awesome! When we got home I cooked up some dinner, potatoes and tuna steak with steamed veggies and then we framed the two Athens pictures, put the jersies in frames and then P watched some UFO documentary (he's obsessed) and I dug out some of my grandmother's old hand written recipes and framed them in some matching black frames that I got for Christmas from my mom and dad.
Post decorating, I chopped up veggies and threw them in the crock pot with a roast on top to cook overnight for tonight's dinner with the Mojos. Please don't judge me....but I'm going to confess something terrible right now. The recipe said to cut the fat off the meat. So I did...and the dog was eyeing me the whole time, licking his chops. So I asked P, what would it hurt to give him some of the fat with the meat on it?? We decided it wouldn't hurt anything at all....and gave him a few chunks. BIG. BIG. BIG MISTAKE!!! The dog woke us up whining 2xs last night and has had the squirts all day. I DIDN'T KNOWW!!!!!!! I HAD NO IDEA!!!! I feel like a terrible dog mother. His poor little arse has to be raw. And it's so cold outside!!! :-( I feel so bad!!!

Today we went to the gym again and lifted, P made me do the bench press which is a testament to how much I love him because really, there isn't anyone else in the world that I would trust not to let a metal bar fall on my face when my muscles give out. After the gym we came home and cleaned up. I dusted a little and P swept the floors, we watched the Cardinals beat the Eagles and then the Mojos came over for dinner. P and Mojodad watched more football while Mojomom and I played with Mojokid. I mashed the taters and then we had Potroast, taters, honey wheat bread and cookies and cream ice cream for dessert. MMMM. YUM. I feel fat and lethargic now, but mmmm was it delicious. The Mojos have left and P and I are curled up on the couch, my head on his lap (danger zone given the potroast and potatoes have made him gassy) and are watching the Steelers/Ravens game. Tomorrow, on our day off we are going to go hike for a bit and then I have to get a cavity filled. Yuck.

We don't often go out and socialize a lot. It's not that we're antisocial or anything. It's just that all of our friends have very busy schedules and we dont seem to ever coordinate our calendars very well. So, this weekend has been nice. We've had quite a bit of alone time too which I particularly enjoy. I think that all weekends should be three day weekends.

Next time I post, I think I'm going to put up pictures of our house...I've made quite a few decorating updates since the last time I put any up.

3 things:
Hobby Lobby and its plethora of decorating goodness
Pictures that bring back memories of happy times and happy places
Good friends and good food

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Donn24g said...

Sounds like your weekend was great!!! It;s hard to coordinate with friends when you get older-- everyone just gets so busy. I used to get really bent out of shape about it all, now I think ive grown to accept it. Especially when i have someone special to keep me company anyway:) And i used to be a home-body (a little bit) when i was little and lived at home. Nothing is better than hot chocolate, some good tv/movie, and snug on the couch.

Plus when you see friends now, it is so much better because it means you both work and finding time for each other. And you appreciate it so much more:)

Hope you are staying warm this week:) Thanks for all the advice on my blog- you're the greatest!


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