Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ice ice everywhere

so buckeyetown is covered in a giant sheet of ice that is rapidly being covered by a giant sheet of fat snow flakes. i was SUPER worried about driving to work, my supervisor told us all to come in late rather than wait 2 hours on the highway. we've all been praying for campus to close because driving to campus in bad weather is a nightmare. everyone panics and it's less of a "snow" problem and more of a "people" problem. SO, i set my alarm for 530 a.m. so I could get up and check my email to see if there was ANY chance that OSU would close. I looked outside first and saw that everything was shiny!!! SHINY! from the roof to the street everything was glowing in the lamplight. It was odd and beautiful. I logged on to the old email and found to my delight TWO notifications that campus was closed for the day!!!! WHOOOHOOO!!!!!

So far today, I have gone back to bed. Taken some pictures of the snow outside. Toasted some Great Harvest Cinnamon Chip bread and slathered it liberally with warm gooey Nutella and sipped my coffee. I think I will spend the day cooking and taking pictures of the home.

I am SO thankful that neither P or I had to drive to drive is normally 25 minutes tops, but with the weather it would turn into 2.5 hours. P drives all these hilly backroads to work and I have nightmares of him sliding into a ditch and being out of cell phone service.

How're you all spending the snowy weather? Or, for those of you in the south, could you send a little sun our way?

3 things:
Nutella. It is the food of the Heavens. MMMMMMMMMMMM
My dog who spent all last night curled up into my side.
That I did NOT have to go to work today :-)

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