Thursday, January 15, 2009

one hour and forty five minutes

is how long it took me to get home from work last night.

i work 21 miles away from my house.


correction. i love snow.

not much to report tonight other than i'm hoping that everyone is staying safe and warm in this weather. i get to go help P run a cornhole tournament at OSU-Newark (pronounced Nurk) tonight since he's short staffed. Last time they had about 80 people show up...hopefully they'll have about as many again tonight.

I didn't really answer my own questions the other here are my answers.

1) what is the one thing in the world that is most guaranteed to make you laugh even when you're having a really really crappy day? P and my dog. and the Simpsons. I'm lame.
2) if you could bring one t.v. show back from the archives, which one would it be and why? MASH, my first crush (as a 4 year old) was on Alan Alda's Hawkeye Pierce.
3) if I could help make one thing in your life easier, what would you want me to do...assume that I'm multi-talented, and possibly have super powers.Hmmm....If I could do would be being more organized and organizing my house...if YOU were doing something for me it would be magically zapping 20 pounds off me or being my own personal trainer :-)
4) do you say you are going to the Grocery or that you are going to the Grocery Store?GET IT RIGHT PEOPLE...IT IS THE GROCERY. GROCERY STORE IS REDUNDANT! You don't say you're going to the Mall Store do you?????lol
5) What three things are you the most thankful for today?that the snow stopped, that P and I both got home safe last night, that my doggy is donating blood today and I saw a dog that had it's leg amputated while I was dropping him off and the amputee was walking around just fine....animals are amazing and it makese me happy to know that Sonneigh might have helped him.


Donn24g said...

You're right, i hate driving in snow too!! I was close to a REALLY , really bad accident involving black ice when i was in college. I guess I only like snow when i have nowhere to go and my office is closed. :)

Stay warm and be safe going home tonight!!!

Lump said...

ugh. I'm so glad Texas hasn't had any snow... yet. stay warm!

and hey, The Simpsons make me laugh, too. ;)


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